5 beauty trends to love

We've seen beauty trends come and go over the decades, with some making a surprising comeback and others (thankfully) disappearing completely! With new TikTok beauty trends, YouTube beauty tutorials, and wellness trends constantly popping up on social media, it can be hard to keep up.

In this article, we'll uncover some key beauty industry trends you can always turn to and show you how to keep up with beauty trends as they burst onto the scene.

Bright pink lips

Nothing makes a statement like a bold, pink lip. From bright, high vinyl-like shine lips perfect for a night out to matte and satin fuchsias for dressing up a work look, bright pink lipstick is a trend to embrace at any time.

You might think pink is more of a summer shade than a winter shade, but with more colours on the market, you can still think pink and rock a luscious lip look during the colder months.

Not sure how to make a bright pink lip work? A bold lip look should be one of your statement features, so why not pair your bright pink lip with simple eyeshadow and flushed cheeks to really let your lips do all the talking?

Bushy brows

Over the years, we've seen eyebrows get bigger and bigger, and now we’re all about making them bushier. This trend keeps coming back so often – we're sure it's here to stay.

The beauty of bushy brows is their inclusivity and ability to become your statement piece, even if you're donning a no-makeup look. Think thick and fluffy brows with a dreamy arch shape accentuating your eyes and complementing your makeup-free complexion. But they look good with makeup, too and can be paired with a bold eyeshadow or a really dramatic look.

To get the bushy brows look, you don't always need to add makeup to create the shape. Good brow mascara is usually enough to tame wild brows and keep them in place all day long. The wand will not only shape them perfectly, but it’ll also separate your hairs for bushy brows.

Dewy skin

Since the early 2000s, dewy skin has been a firm favourite for many worldwide. The natural 'no makeup' look is one trend we know isn't fading any time soon – especially with more people nowadays opting for a low-maintenance, fresh-faced finish.

Dewy skin radiates through the seasons, too, with skincare products available for all skin types in every weather condition. A beauty must-have we can’t get enough of is tinted moisturisers. They're a real go-to product for creating a dewy look, leaving your skin glowing and feeling moisturised without the heaviness of a foundation. What more could you ask for?

Flushed cheeks

Taking inspiration from the beauty trends of South Korea, flushed, rosy cheeks are the radiance trend we all love to embrace time after time. Whether you're popping on some blush in the summer or adding it to your fuller makeup look in the winter, it's a trend that sticks around all year.

Use a cream blusher to create that winter-chilled flush without stepping out into the cold. Start by applying a few dots across the apples of your cheeks before gently blending to the edge of your face using your fingertips for a natural, just-done look.

Vegan beauty

Veganism is on the rise, with more and more people becoming vegan every year. But that doesn't just mean people are looking for vegan food options –the need for quality vegan beauty is growing, too. Beauty brands have really taken note of this, and the industry is booming!

From vegan makeup to skincare, anti-ageing products and everything in between, there are loads of simple ways to make your beauty routine 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Even if you're not a vegan yourself, it's easier than ever to source sustainable and vegan products that make you look and feel good – so why wouldn't you try it?

Using clean beauty products with plant-based ingredients is a great way to start your vegan beauty journey. For example, balmy cleansers with natural butters and fruit oils offer loads of skin-kind benefits. If vegan makeup is more your thing, try looking for vitamin E in the ingredients list and products that clearly state they’re suitable for vegans.

How to keep up with beauty trends

New beauty trends are always coming about, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you always know the current beauty and wellness industry trends.

Following beauty influencers and specific hashtags on social media can be a quick and easy way to ensure you don't miss out on important trends. Be sure to turn on notifications for your favourite beauty bloggers to keep in the know.

While many of us flock to social media to learn about the latest beauty trends, magazines are a great starting point if you're keen to keep on top of what's current.

Why not turn on alerts for your favourite brands to ensure you hear about new products as soon as they are released? There's always hype around new products – especially if they're mirroring a runway trend or being endorsed by celebrities on social media.

Beauty and skincare trends always come and go, but we think our top five are sure to stick around for a while longer. Which ones are you excited about?