Get ready for summer!

It’s coming soon! Long days, hot sun, holidays... summer is the feel-good season of the year, but are you ready for it? Just like you plan your trips and make your reservations ahead of time, you should also prepare your body for the season. So beside giving yourself and your family the gift of a fantastic summer getaway, give your skin the gift of moisture.

You better be ready to stop skin from drying up

Summer’s sun and heat is amazing for your spirits, but not so much for your skin. It dries it and makes it lose precious moisture much faster. There’s no negotiating this one, you’ve got to build up your skin’s moisture barrier and you need to start now. Our Anew masks are specially designed to restore your skins moisture and resilience in as little as 15 minutes. Bring out a smoother, plumper, firmer you before you hit the beach!

Every time you step out, your face is hit by those wonderful sun rays, and yes, they feel great, but they also can wreak havoc on its skin. My facial creams are specially formulated to give your face the extra boost in moisture and protection it needs. Sunlight and heat can dry skin and dry skin makes wrinkles and lines appear faster! So don’t push pause in your anti-ageing routine! Your skin needs extra care in summer.

It might be covered, but your body still dries up. The skin of your body is usually the most covered, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe from moisture loss. When moisture is lost anywhere it drains the rest of the body too. Have you ever noticed how thin your hand’s skin is? That’s exactly why you must give it the special treatment they need.

I don’t need to tell you why you should use sunscreens, do I? Sunburn season is fast approaching, and I know you don’t want to feel that or have someone in your family miss out on the fun because of them! Also, don’t forget about all the harmful effects UV rays have, so get your sunscreen lotions and use them! Our Avon Care Sun+ collection combines the best sunscreen protection with my beloved moisturisers.

Bring out the sandals and get your feet ready to be exhibited

It’s sandal season... are your feet ready? Give yourself a well-deserved pedi. Our Foot Works range is made to take care of your feet. Moisturisers, creams that restore smoothness to heels - you know how they can crack! -, and everything you need to restore and maintain healthy feet and beauty.

And don’t forget to get a hot nail enamel and make those toes pop with colourful life!

And bring out the colours!

Summer is fun and exciting, so don’t be afraid to make your look pop with bright and colourful makeup! Our waterproof makeup options are perfect for summer, your look will last and last, no matter how much you sweat or swim. Try Power Stay for extra-long staying power.