International Women’s Day

There’s a saying that goes: “Behind a great man, there’s a great woman” and let me say it up front, I do not agree with it! It’s not behind every man, it’s beside every man or even in front of every man. Women are an important part of people’s life and each one of them deserves all our recognition and appreciation. That’s why all around the world, millions of women are fighting for their rights and to be given the treatment, professional opportunities and recognition they deserve and I’m very proud to be a part of that fight.

Women have been at the core of our business since Avon was born in 1890 (at the time it was called the California Perfume Company). David H. McConnell, our founder, wanted to give women a way to make a living and earn their financial independence. He also understood that women would be much better salespersons for his products than men, and he was right! Women have been behind our success for over 135 years. The first Avon Lady (we now call them Avon Representatives) was Mrs. P.F.E. Albee and after her, millions of women have found a way to earn a steady income and be their own bosses with Avon.

Each woman is an essential part of our family and our society, they’re the drivers and nurturers of the changes the world has experienced and those the world needs. That’s why we’re a proud supported of important female causes; helping to fund the research in the fight against breast cancer and contributing to the fight against gender violence.

Our work isn’t done, there’s still a lot of work to do for women and women’s rights all over the world.